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It’s a familiar phrase, especially if you’ve ever been on the London Underground, but in this case it’s a way for…

Posted by Chapel Street Community Arts on Friday, August 4, 2017

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Mind The Gap Exhibition

An exhibition of St Phils Camera Club photographic images was opened by Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett on 21st July 2017 at Salford Central Train Station and will be viewable for ten days until 1st August.

Funding from NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group enabled CSCA to commission a local arts and mental health charity Start, to deliver a program of photography workshops. Lead photographer Sian Roberts worked with the group to produce a collection of images that show the levels of inequality and the difference between wealth and poverty in Salford.

80 images are on display around the station and in a one off newspaper printed for the project. The images were taken by local photographers Sandra Tracey, Michael Kelly, John Connolly, Christine Nolan Potter, Graham Ashworth, Gillian Roberts, Simon Waters, Kayleigh Rose, Michael Gleave, James Inglis, Donald McIntyre, Rees Thompson and Mike Aspinall.

Chris Doyle, coordinator of the camera club, said: “CSCA want to help people to tell stories that matter to them, and this project is about working with Salford people to highlight the inequalities they see every day in their communities.

“We all have to deal with problems linked to inequality, and all of the photography group realise what they can do together and value the time and support they give each other.”


Chris added: “The activities have been extremely helpful to our members’ confidence and well-being.”

Participant Christine Nolan Potter said: “Getting involved in St Phil’s Camera Club is the best thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t want to leave the house but now I’m really involved in the community and see more of my best friend.”

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Chapel Street Community Arts (CSCA) is a registered charity (no 1147650) based in Salford that develops creative community projects to help improve wellbeing and community identity in Salford.

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett said: “I’m determined, through working in collaboration with our partners and residents in Salford that the City Council will see our anti-poverty drive as our number one priority.

“This year’s budget will go some way towards alleviating poverty but we all have a part to play if we’re to truly tackle the underlying causes – low pay, expensive housing and increasing cost of living.”

Mayor newspaper

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Mind The Gap – Exhibition Launch



Precinct 17.JPG

It’s a familiar phrase, especially if you’ve ever been on the London Underground, but in this case it’s a way for members of St Phil’s Camera Club to offer their take on the effects of widening gaps in society, highlight the inequalities they see every day in their communities, and tell a story that matters.

The resulting images are therefore a collective piece of work, created by people who want to make a contribution, however small, to a conversation that is becoming increasingly relevant, and a subject that affects us all, in one way or another.


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Chapel Street:#surprisingsalford #10

Nice article about Chapel Street here, including a link to some our our early work – it’s nice when old work pops up and is still seemingly useful!

Source: Chapel Street:#surprisingsalford #10

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The Dissenters

I absolutely accept this;

community arts unwrapped

The rhetoric of dissent

During our research we were really struck by Clare Higney’s metaphor in her report on the links between community arts and the trade union movement, when she described the community artist as the awkward person ‘standing on the mat in front of the automatic doors – insisting that the door [keeps] opening’ (Higney 1985). Coincidentally, I’d just read comedian and activist Mark Thomas’ book where he describes dissent as ‘a rebuttal of the thin end of the wedge’ and ‘a simple way of saying, No, I do not accept this’ (Thomas 2015). I was also drawn to the writing of Robert L. Ivie who was writing about the difficulties of dissenting in the face of what seemed like monolithic public opinion following the attacks on the US in 2001, now known as 9/11. He described dissent as ‘a mainstay – not a luxury, a nuisance…

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This is Ordsall

Here are the videos we worked on recently with the Ideas for Ordsall team.

Chapel Street Community Arts was was of 4 cultural intermediaries that helped local people to develop their ideas for creative projects. The films at the link explain some of the fantastic work that happened during the project.

To find out more about the project go to

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Come and Sing!

Come and Sing in Salford! No need to audition! No need to read music! No need to be an experienced singer. Meet people who live in your community.  Experience a profound sense of well being. Starts…

Source: Come and Sing!

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