Gillian has preferred to be in the background while attending camera club, but has really grown in confidence during a recent project.

“I like attending camera club. They’re a friendly bunch and I enjoy the banter and laughs that we have – it really lifts my week.

I’m a bit shy, but the group really went out of their way to make me feel welcome. It’s helped me to feel more relaxed and positive about getting more involved with tasks. I really feel part of the group and I’ve made good friends there.

I was a bit nervous about doing the portrait project, especially about walking up to strangers and asking if I could photograph them. But the tutor really helped me and actually most people were nice about it, even if they didn’t want their photo taken. It was great to meet all the different groups and show them the photos we’d took.

tn_Gill crop

It’s helped me to be more  confident and comfortable about meeting new people. I feel like I got enormous benefit from it and I’m ready to take on new projects now.

Gill & photo

I definitely get out and about more than I used to. I’ve started doing drama and singing again, and gardening too. In fact, it’s a bit difficult to fit everything in sometimes. I’m doing loads aren’t I?”