Frank led a very busy life prior to retirement, but teaching others watercolour painting has given him an interest with an additional social aspect.
“I did ‘A level’ art at school, but I learnt how to paint properly after retirement, I rekindled my interest”.
Now Franks enjoys encouraging others to paint. “I learned from a skilled painter, and improved with practice – that’s what I tell the group. Most say they can’t paint, but we encourage each individual to work to their own timetable. It gives me great satisfaction to see people develop their own styles”.
tn__MG_1970 cropped
The group meet each other outside of classes. “It’s a very social group. We have lunch together beforehand, and celebrate each other’s birthdays. It’s nice that we attract young people too, I like seeing the interaction between different age groups”.

Most of all Frank enjoys sharing his interest in painting. “Helping the members of the group means I can pass on the skills I’ve learnt and it keeps me busy. It’s given me an interest in retirement”.
tn__MG_1960 cropped

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