Islington Mosaic

Around 80 people turned out on a glorious day to see the unveiling of our mosaic on St George’s Day. Funded by Awards for All and created by pupils and parents from St Phils School, Islington residents and volunteers at Chapel Street Community Arts, the mosaic shows significant people and places from the areas recent past. Thanks to artist Ian McKay, local historian Roy Bullock, residents Steve Logan, Julie Hudson, & Tom Nolan,  multi-skilled Mike Kelly, and everyone else who worked hard to make the project a success.

tn_IMG_0618 tn_IMG_0629 tn_IMG_0638 tn_IMG_0653 tn_IMG_0657 tn_IMG_0659 tn_IMG_0666 tn_IMG_0667 tn_IMG_0695 tn_IMG_0704 tn_IMG_0708 crop tn_IMG_0711hi_big_e_min_pink

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