Christine tells us that attending camera club has had a huge positive effect on her confidence – it’s the best thing she ever did!

Having suffered from bouts of depression during a busy working life, Christine appreciates what the classes offer her. “Attending the sessions can turn your day around. It gives you some structure for the day; it’s something to get ready for. The social side has really improved my confidence, and the activity occupies me all week long – it triggers my interest in photography every day”.

After installing an exhibition of the groups work, Christine stood back and watched as passersby stopped to look at the images. “I can’t express how it makes me feel.” She said. “I’ve never had anything of mine exhibited before. It’s overwhelming.”

Now Christine attends other photography activities, and has since had more work exhibited, which she says would never have happened if it weren’t for our camera club. “Photography club has absolutely changed my life in every way. I feel challenged. It’s good to be doing something creative, I feel very passionate about it and it’s good to have that feeling again. I’ve been involved in exhibitions made many new friends and discovered parts of the city I never knew. It’s opened the door to so many other activities and given me a whole new social life. The best thing I ever did, definitely.”

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