Stories of Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

To mark the 375th anniversary of Sacred Trinity Church, we ran a programme of activities during May and June 2010, with the intention of producing an exhibition to celebrate and share people’s memories and associations with the church. 

Rebecca helps some community reporters get to grips with the technology

Artist Rebecca McKnight worked alongside Julie Spellman from local community multimedia organisation “People’s Voice Media” to deliver training sessions over 5 weeks.  These sessions were attended by 14 members of the local community comprising local unemployed and retired people, post-graduate students from The University of Salford and volunteers from the church.  During the training, the participants learned how to conduct interviews, and make audio and visual recordings, thus enabling them to become “community reporters”, and document stories and memories of the church’s recent, and not so recent past. 

The work produced at these activities was exhibited during September 2010 at Sacred Trinity Church including Heritage Weekend Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th September. 

Below is one of the videos from the exhibition.  You can see some more of the exhibition content by holding your mouse over “Projects” and clicking on either the “Videos from the exhibition”, or “Stories from the exhibition” links.

An Interview with Rev. Andy Salmon – Filmed by Norah Jones and interviewed by Tara Sheppard. 
This video uncovers some interesting stories relating to the gravestones around Sacred Trinity Church. 

2 Responses to Stories of Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

  1. Malcolm Murphy says:

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry but I only just opened your letter about the launch of Sacred Trinity Stories on 1st September. I would very much like to attend, but if I’m too late I can always sneak in through the tower 😉


    Malc M

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