Videos from the exhibition

Take a look at some of the videos from the exhibition.

“Sacred Trinity Church Sunday Service June 2010 by Katrina Mclachlan and Claire Wiley”.


“Connections with The Sacred Trinity Church” directed by Tahir J. Chakotai. This video features a rather entertaining interview with Sacred Trinity Church’s Resident Artist, Mr Kolyn Amor.


“Interview with Les Kott June 2010” filmed and edited by Martin Greenwood, edited by Joyce Daly and Martin Greenwood.
Les has been associated with the church for over sixty years. He is the Church Warden and Eucharist assistant, was also a member of the choir. He and his wife, Margaret were married at the church, as was their daughter.


 “The Mighty Tortoise – An Interview with Alexis Mclean” by Kolyn Amor
Alexis Mclean is described as a fantastic songwriter and self-released her first recording ‘Takin’ It Easy’ in 2007. Alexis currently coordinates The Mighty Tortoise – a live acoustic session held every Tuesday at Sacred Trinity Church on Chapel Street in Salford, between 12 and 2pm.



“Interview with Alan Dye, Sacred Trinity Church, June 2010” filmed by Katrina Mclachlan and edited by Katharina Rilling.
Alan came to Salford when his wife was offered a lecturer position at the university and is now a member of the church.



“Interview with Martin Greenwood” by Joyce Daly.
Martin was christened and confirmed at the church and attends services on a regular basis.

 “Trinity Church Project Remastered 2010” by Mr T J Chakotai

This video contains interesting photographs of Sacred Trinity, an interview with Rev. Andy Salmon, as well as the chance to learn all about the church pulpit.

The Different Shades of Katharina by Kolyn Amor
Resident artist, Kolyn Amor interviews Sacred Trinity’s previous German volunteer, Katharina. If you come along to the exhibition, you will be also be able to see Kolyn’s inspiring photograph collage.

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